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Wading River Men of the 1940's

Boenig's General Store in downtown Wading River, circa 1946 - submitted by Frank Boenig Jr. on

In the 1940s three men, comrades and friends were running the buildings in downtown Wading River. Frank Boenig, Sr was the owner of the General Store (where we once saw the Creperie). Jerry Aimes was the owner of the Mobil Station and Garage. Carl Kemp was the Wading River Postmaster. These three men and their wives were influential in the community as citizens, firemen and local business owners. As friends, they at times attended each other’s children’s baptisms, birthdays and so forth throughout their lives.

Frank Boenig, Sr.

Frank, a graduate of the New York Military Academy, was born on March 15, 1911. In 1940, Frank owned a hardware store in Queens. After he closed the store, he opened Boenig’s General Store in Wading River after purchasing the property from former village store owner George Hoffman. He was also a member of the Wading River Fire Department and a member of St. John the Baptist R C Church of Wading River. Frank died about 40 years later and is buried in Calverton, New York.

Jerry Aimes

Jerry owned the Mobil Station and Garage. In 1949 they started construction on the remodeling of their new home opposite the garage on top of the hill on Sound road. This property used to be the old ball field. The construction was completed the following year and the Ladies Auxiliary of the Wading River Fire Department, which Mrs. Aimes was a member of, gave a party to celebrate. Jerry was a member of the Wading River Fire Department. Jerry’s wife was also a member of the Wading River Women’s Guild.

Carl George Kemp

Carl Kemp was born on June 27, 1890, in New York City and raised in Queens was residing on Oliver St. in Wading River as early as 1942. He was first appointed as the “amiable and conscientious” postmaster to the Wading River Post Office (now the location of Mesquite) on July 1, 1943, and held the position for more than 20 years. Carl was a charter member of the Wading River Fire Department. He was also the leader of the Wading River 4-H Boys Group. Carl also tuned pianos for local residents. Carl, an army veteran, died on July 8, 1987, at the age of 97.

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