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Verplanck's Point, NY

I am constantly learning through my research which is just one of many reasons why I love my job! Today I came across Verplanck's Point, NY through an obituary and it is a place I had never hear of before, so of course I had to look further into that.

Verplanck's Point is known for its role during the American Revolutionary War as one of the places George Washington encamped during a crossing of the Hudson River. Supposedly the painting below depicts General Washington at this very spot.

The property at Verplanck's Point was purchased from the Indians on August 24, 1683 by New York Mayor Stevanus Van Cortlandt. The deed of conveyance is signed by 7 native chiefs with their marks - Eicham, Pewimme, Oskewaus, Turhum, Querawighint, Highres, and Prackytt. In 2012, the original deed was in the hands of Philip Ver Planck of Yonkers. How amazing to own such a remarkable piece of history!

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