• Linda A Cowdrick

Carrotkraut - 1941

Nothing says a war era like brining some vegetables! This Carrotkraut recipe was submitted by Mrs. J.C. Utzinger of Elmira, NY in 1941.

The carrots are shredded like you would shred cabbage, then are placed in a stone jar In alternate layers—carrots and salt until you have the amount you wish to make. After each layer of carrots and salt, press until a brine appears This brine must cover the vegetable as long as any remains in the jar. The fermenting period is from 12 to 15 days. Keep a close watch of the brine the first week. If it evaporates, add more ; just enough to cover the vegetable. When you wish to cook a batch, just take out the amount you wish, wash in cold water and put over a low flame in water not quite covering vegetable; add pieces of pork or ham; just as you would sauerkraut; cook until tender. I prefer a piece of smoked ham; it gives it a special kind of flavor.

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